Reinsurance company
with a wide experience:

Dynamic staff for adapting us to changes in insurance

and reinsurance market of the world.


We offer an adequate protection and an efficient risk management

International Organization

The best alternative for reinsurance placements worldwide, with support of reinsurers duly specialized and classified.

Our company

  • A reinsurance company with approved license by Florida Department of Financial Services under number W098081, Integrity, is an organization with vision of being one of the most important reinsurance brokers worldwide.


  • Mission of this company is achieve commercial and strategic alliances with our clients.


  • We have a team of executives with wide professional experience in reinsurance market, having handled risks such as: commercial vessel fleets, refineries, petrochemical plants, thermal electric generation plants, cement plants, breweries, banks, armoured car fleets, airlines, private aircraft (fixed wing or rotatory wing), warehouses, machinery used in open cast mines, industrial factories, among others.


    • Empresa
    • Our Mission

      To offer to our clients wide coverage and fair and competitive premiums that allow an important decrease in insurance expenses.

  • Contacto

  • Work philosophy

  • Our work is oriented to direct contact with our clients through meetings in order to exchange ideas about a particular risk when looking for quotations, and at the time of handling an eventual claim in order to obtain timely indemnities.